Posted by: Mark J Heidecke | Poetry


She walks the walk
She lost her lust grinded with my trust
She’s a go-go belly dancer to the beat
The passion just kills me
I don’t think I’ll be around to witness
What happens to me?
What happens to her?
Sensual blurs
Imagine what I feel like to her
She’s the reason my world goes round
Gave her my jewelry
Gave her my sound
Met her in the parking lot just before she died
Met her with the honesty and warmth
Just before I lied
I’m separated from thought without any confusion
She meows and whimpers
I enjoy pimping her
Smack my bitch up with love
Wearing my home made psychotic neurotic leather gloves
She asks who’s bike?
I answer mine
Her arms wrap around me like the most nourishing divine
Mother Nature is so-so sweet
My companionship used to run
So-so deep
Inside of her this sound sleeps in her forever
She says, “I don’t want you to leave me forever”
I said, “I can’t predict the unpredictable
But my love is unconditional”
So come along, your invited
The season didn’t ask to return or recited
Finally reunited
Here’s the moment where the bass kicks in
Here’s another useless moment we don’t have to live
Talking about things you hate is a waste of time
Things I hate
Will never come to mind
I’m not interested
My only interest is in you
My only interest is in what the spirit can do
So we shall not repress
And get the most undressed
What things that comes to mind
When you’re having the greatest time
She swings
From the most historical vine
I’ve never sailed in all my moments
As much as in this moment
Cause I feel like she is mine
I never want the lights to turn on ever again
When I’m with her naked
Just a little light from the music box
Will be efficient
I don’t want the sun to come up either
I want her
And only her
In a all black room with no furniture or outside freedom of nature
She’s making me weep
I’m so happy
And she’s so beautiful
If something took a photograph of me right now
It would be my moment
She keeps dancing all my moments around her
Keep dancing, baby
Keep killing, baby
There was nothing to slay
Our words and worlds are too nasty and innocent
For this all to be a game