Posted by: Mark J Heidecke | Poetry


Honeymoon, honeysun, in the tune as one couple. Sensual historic gigantic lovely playground scented by creamy milky plumeria. Take Hawaiian leis and place them on top of a blade of a fan. Lizards land. Little tiki torches seen from luxurious azure. Purple kinky smoke lining, releasing zephyr. Enjoy chow from a balcony witnessing a gallery of clouds. Depth of realm, putting Queen to grandiose sleep. Mama’s fish house was sweet and nice, would have got the fried, garlic oysters twice. Scent of the sea and as soft as bubble yum. Two sea turtles in love. Stop on the way back, walked over a sand dune. The eyes take in a span of volcanic magnitude and gentle showers of red lights. Cast away laughter to a place for children.