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Still Boat (Remix) - Single

Everything Under

MJ Heidecke


" One day, we will grow as high as the clouds. We’ll need a few years, but it will be worth it."

Mark J Heidecke

In 1998, Mark J. Heidecke was attending high school in Hinsdale, IL when his sister, Julie K. Heidecke, passed away in a car accident. After years of pondering her loss, Mark decided to go back to school in 2002 where he attended Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. There he learned sound design, music theory, sincerity in lyrics, and the practice of performance. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in the arts in 2005, he briefly worked as a freelance sound engineer in the East Bay and at the Grill Recording Studio in Emeryville, CA where he mixed other artist’s music.

Using his sound engineering techniques and personal experience, he started to focus mainly on developing his own style of music (Infinite Genre) with another musician, Arastoo Darakhshan, whom he met in school. In 2007, however, Mark was forced to move back to Illinois because his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After relocating, Mark had to find new musicians to collaborate with in Chicago, IL.

He first met producer/mixer, Jeff Lane, at Chicago Recording Company in 2009 after which his music releases were under the artist name, Everything Under (EU). By 2011, Mark started working with musician/video director, Ben Zuiker, visual-effects artist, Jon Richter, and video producer/director, Rishi Ganju. They began putting out some of EU’s first music videos such as ‘If There’s a Better Show’ and ‘So Petty’. Being a perfectionist, Mark refused to pitch EU to record labels until he felt the sound was truly contributing to the grand music library. In 2014, Mark began solely working with Jeff Lane and some other musicians such as Jeremy Chereskin. Mark also began teaching himself how to play the guitar and keyboard with which he then authored 34 new EU tracks that were all mastered by world renowned Bernie Grundman. Then in early 2016, after meeting drummer, Kevin T. Jones, and releasing their music video ‘Team’; Mark finally felt that Everything Under was ready to play live.

As a machine obsessed over all love always, Mark continues his quest for a greater connection with Everything Under by releasing the music video ‘Interstellar Output’ and rekindling with Arastoo Darakhshan (co-original member); thereby completing EU’s 5th full length studio album ‘Where Have the Kids Gone at Night’. Mark is consistently developing a live art music show produced by Everything Under for the city of Chicago, and the 6th full length studio album with Jeff Lane titled ‘See Through Body’. The album ‘See Through Body’ is an accompaniment of all his work flowered into a little something more distinct. It is intrusive and peaceful.

Everything Under