Posted by: Mark J Heidecke | Poetry

Lost in a Walk with You

(A children’s book)

I walked through the sun,

Through the moon,

Through the Earth,

Into your arms

Not having to remember

All the charms


The sticks I grabbed

The pizza I ate

But most importantly

The people I eight


Feelings over words

Emotions in herds

Friends with popular kids & nerds


Basketball in the driveway

Car on the mindway

People on the skyway

And love on the pathway


Zipping through the halls

Smiling at the walls

Accepting all my calls

Learning to play with different balls


Girls inside my head

Accidents that bled

Fun times ahead

Oversleeping in my bed


Palm trees & blue

Cool dessert mood

Green flashing gem

Rose petal send


Start something new

Little fish in you

Pure perfume

Working in a room


Inventing something healed

Dream skin peeled

Ancient cat here now

Mountain legs swinging happy


Taking walks again

Learning with friends

Excited in red

Playing music for bats


Forgotten my love

Not so inside

Open my eyes

Physical arise

Spirit fly




But, then times get tough

Skin gets rough

Heart is slayed

Walks in rain


Sunday is better

Stronger with heather

Eyes are better

Thankfulness weather


No more pain

Reason came

Something sane

Forever game


Now I’m cool

Florescent pool

Taking my kid to school

Life’s a jewel


Driven through doubt

Making one two

I’d do it again

Lost in a walk with you